Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watch with me.

I'll catch you up, dear readers, on where I've been in just a bit--but, for now you must watch something for me. Someone has gone and posted the entire film Unzipped on youtube. I just watched the first part of the 1994 documentary of Isaac Mizrahi's Fall collection and already I've been magically transported back to the basics of why I love fashion. In the first 7 minutes of the film you see Eartha Kitt in all of her living glory, a fresh-faced Amber Valletta meeting Isaac for the first time, and Mizrahi's mama bragging about her son's first garment: a straight blazer she would wear to temple on all of the high holidays. I have no television, so I have no idea what Isaac is up to on his new tele show with Iman, but in those days he was the kind of charming, energetic, smoking, neurotic, funny man that made for good entertainment. So, lets watch together. Here are all the parts:

*Part 4 annoyingly has no audio because of a copyright claim over a music track. I say watch the visual and hum.

So good, right?