Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weird Wears

I love flipping through fashion show photos and imagining that I am my lovely, Queens-raised Jewish Grandma. It makes me realize just how downright ridiculous this industry looks to the outside world. Here are some recent get-ups that I know would have invoked a heavily accented "Who would wear such a thing?" from my Bubbie. I've bestowed upon them the official i-want-to-see-you-try-and-wear-it awards:

Some sort of torture device as necklace at Anne Valerie Hash

Oops. Her dresser forgot to take the outfit out of the garment bag backstage at Valentino.

All sorts of wrong at McQueen.

Gotta love the crazy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Radical Old People

Is it wrong to say "old" people? I just looked up at the title of the post and somehow it doesn't seem very PC. But I'm thinking that's because we are so ageist here in the US. It is almost taboo to talk about getting old, unless you are hawking some inevitably ineffective cure for the pesky aging problem. Mortality is a reality, no matter how many cc's of botox a person feeds into their face, they're gonna get old. We are all gonna get old. Here's a plug for doing it gracefully courtesy of the Spring Summer '09 men's shows.

Check out the senior studs at Yamamoto:

And some more distinguished gentlemen at Demeulemeester's runway show:

I absolutely love it. One of my favorite memories of my travels through Europe was the impression that older people there carried themselves with dignity and an evolved sense of style that they had cultivated and honed through the years. I'd never seen the concept of elegance enacted so well and so pervasively. Here, when we are old we hike up our socks, wear high waisted trousers made of plastic fabrics, and tug a sun visor over our bald spots. I sense change in the air. The world is aging, here's to encouraging it to do so with dignity.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I don't think this same enthusiasm for the more wise among us would fly on the women's runways. However, I did just see Laurie Anderson in concert, and my hopes are high that if she can make 61 look as radical and beautiful as she does, there's a chance for us all.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pretty safe.

While I was busy eating hummus in the holy land, the Spring '09 fashion jet took off. I've been catching up on the shows for the last few days while trying to avoid unpacking (as I find that's the quickest way to lose my vacation buzz) and I must admit I might have preferred sorting my dusty desert laundry.

I started with the Women's Couture shows, and honestly I'm not so thrilled. There are a lot of pretty things, but nothing is jumping out at me. As always, there are beautifully constructed garments: amazing draping, tailoring, seaming. I'm just not finding any collection that inspiring or strong. I really loved the last batch of ready-to-wear collections, with their fresh patchwork-pastiche aesthetic so I'm disappointed to be goosebumpless after perusing the couture shows which usually thrill me to no end.

I can't help but think things are looking a bit safe. Even Galliano pulled in the reigns a bit, presenting some very classically Christian Dior get-ups.

Again, pretty and incredibly well constructed but not so exciting. Can we blame the economy? I say so. Even the world of $30,000 dresses gets timid in the face of a downturn.

The season isn't a total loss though. There is nothing like couture to prove that God is in the details. Check out these beautiful tight shots courtesy of Style.com:

Chanel seams, tubes and flowers.

Lacroix's red ruffles and clothing collage.

Hot orange peek-a-boo at Gaultier.

More coverage to come, including the old people trend and the Weird Wears Awards! Yee haw.

Shalom Three Ways.

So, shalom (hello) I am back from an amazing visit to Israel. It was one of those trips that leaves you changed. Words can't approach accurate descriptions of all the beautiful natural sites I saw, the holy spots that were so many channels for prayer, or the people I met who were generous and full of faith. At any given moment I was either looking at some breathtaking natural wonder (like the sunrise from Mt. Masada above), witnessing spirituality in action, or eating life changing pita and hummus. Those activities were on a loop. It was glorious.

It was so hard to say shalom (goodbye) to Israel, but I've taken a lot with me including some great photos:

Street art in Tel Aviv

Beach Views and Flowers in Tel Aviv

Sugar Rush Markets


While this post isn't necessarily fashion related, I hope it brings you some small taste of the beauty I soaked up. Shalom (peace) and happiness. (:-)