Friday, October 31, 2008

An Addendum

I just found these images shot by Yelena Yemchuk for Japanese Vogue and I needed to share them with you in addition to the ones posted below. Gorgeousness.

One/One-Thousand: Yelena Yemchuk

Fashion photography done right is one of life's most indulgent treasures. Beautiful people, beautiful clothes, a mood of want, an aesthetic of desire; it's all there in great fashion images. So, for the sake of helping you reach your quota of pleasurable things experienced in a lifetime, I'm going to start featuring the work of prominent fashion photographers more regularly.

To start us off is the work of Yelena Yemchuk:

Her images seemed like the perfect All Hallow's Eve treat.


Safety First Kids!

We interrupt this fashion blog for a message about Halloween Safety from Sherry the Busdriver:

(*Sherry sends her regrets that she had to be sideways. She doesn't know how that happened.)

Rosemarie, this is all for you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Treat or Treat?

My favorite Halloween candy is also my favorite classic footwear choice:

You cannot go wrong with a Mary Jane! Unless of course you confuse the two and start sucking on your shoe. That would be bad. Very bad.

Oh, and if this dress smells like the wonderful peanut butter toffee candies it's made from, artist Shelly Hodges better start mass producing them because I'll need about 365.

Treat or treat? Treat.

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It seems to me that your annual opportunity to rock cult jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez's bug-eyed objets de beauté without making too much of a statement is coming up in a matter of hours. The jewels are real, but the eyes are not (I know, it's disappointing) so if you tire of your terrifying pieces after Halloween passes, you can always melt 'em down and craft something that won't scare the kiddies quite so much. Or, you can revel in letting everyone know that your taste in bling is twisted and quirky year round. Whatever your dark little heart desires.

Images: (l) Numero Magazine, (r) Dazed Digital


Ladies, here's a very mathematical breakdown of your costume choices:

Need a fresh idea? Click the graphic and check out some innovative (sexy) costume ideas from I'll be bucking the trend and rocking an uglytastic mullet wig. I haven't found a way to do sexy redneck yet...wait there it is.

(Thanks Sarah!)

Ford Focus

Former Gucci Guy Tom Ford is making a foray into the film biz. He's announced plans to direct "A Single Man," an adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's 1964 novel about a gay man who loses his partner of 16 years. Ford's either spending the big bucks, pulling some strings, or paying the cast in a lifetime of slick couture because he's managed to get Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, and Matthew Goode to sign on as stars. While Ford did some unbelievable work at the helm of Gucci, his ego has been overshadowing his talent for years, and I'm surprised this incredible cast has faith in his filmic ambitions. If his more recent work is any indication, we may be treated to a couple of self-directed Ford cameos in the film.

Remember when he was art director of the 2006 Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair? He worked himself into the cover, looking all creepy and nuzzley up against a nakey Keira Knightley. And then, he also made appearances in no less than four of the magazine's inside pages. I could just hear him saying, "You know who would be great in this shot? Me!" Then came Ford's self appointed starring role in an ad campaign for his men's cologne and most recently, a high end men's store based on the "Tom Ford Look". Now, he's a physically attractive man. He is; he's fit. But my God, doesn't he just know it!

That song is made for Mr. Ford. He should direct and star in a video for that song instead of the film. If I didn't have so much faith in the lovely and talented Julianne Moore, I'd think this was a crazy talk project along the lines of Mariah's Glitter. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Maybe he'll come through with brilliant results, just like he did for Gucci. Or maybe we'll just see his naked buns a lot (NSFW). Who knows?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In her New York Times profile, female Korean boxer Choi Hyun-mi says, "I want to be a pretty girl who does pretty boxing."

Nothing says pretty boxing like fists full of pink fingernail polish. Let's just hope she wins more than she loses and gets to keep her pretty face.

Nice Rack

As one might suspect, I'm a magazine fiend. I've got a collection of fashion mags that may yield me a small fortune one day, if the market for 1993 Harper's Bazaar issues improves. But for now, they are overflowing from under my bed like some multiplying paper organism. I need a storage solution now. And, I think I found one:

Granted it can only hold a few at a time, but I like that I can switch the zines at my leisure to allow for easy access to the ones I want to keep above the bed. It's made of powdered steel and for such a designery (yes, that is a technical term) item, at $37.00 it is a steal. Get yours here, from Umbra.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stylin' & Profilin': Ranna

Meet Ranna. She's a twenty-something Scandinavian chick and a freakishly adept thrifter. Her finds are incredibly cool and seamlessly mixed into her well stocked H&M and Topshop wardrobe. She throws in a few designer pieces and snags from her mom's closet for good measure, and documents it all on her blog Only Shallow.

My least favorite thing about the super fashionable is that they often appear completely unapproachable. But, Ranna is cute as a button. She's the type of girl who I'd have no trouble going up to on the street and saying, "Great dress! Where'd you get it?" Although, seeing as how she's a university student in Helsinki, I don't think I'll be bumping into her anytime soon. Fortunately for all of us Stateside, I know exactly where she scored her finds, and we can all buy them ourselves from her Etsy shop. The prices are dreamily reasonable and with what I'll save on airfare to Finland, I can afford a boatload of her cool wear without caring too much about the steeper shipping costs. It's like combing Europe's greatest second-hand stores with an expert guide, all from the comfort of my couch. Thank goddess for the internet.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheap Thrill: Paper Beads

I hate being called crafty; it makes me feel like I'm destined to be a crazy cat lady who crochets tea cosies instead of interacting with other humans. But, on occasion I have been known to make a thing or two by hand, and I think a little DIY chutzpah is an essential weapon in any fashionista's arsenal.

One of my prized handmade possessions is my paper bead necklace pictured above. I made it years ago for a college art course that asked me to construct a wearable book, and it was delightfully simple. You can make your beads of any old standard weight paper: magazine tear outs, photos, old texts, or your $.20 copy of Carter Brown's The Sad Eyed Seductress as I did.

There is a great photo stream on Flickr by sgjennin showing all of the supplies needed to make recycled paper beads:
You'll need your paper selection, a ruler, a sharpie, scissors, an old school bottle of Elmer's, and toothpicks. Start by dividing your paper into oblong triangles. The widest part of the triangle will be the width of your final beads, so use your ruler to measure out your desired dimensions and your sharpie to mark the triangles, then cut the triangles from your paper source.

Once you have your triangles, coat the "wrong side" with glue and begin rolling them around a toothpick, starting at the wide end first. When the bead is fully wrapped around the toothpick, let it sit for a few minutes just to let the glue set a bit. Then, slide the bead off of the toothpick and start rolling your next one.

Repeat the above steps until you have enough beads to string your necklace, and then set the beads aside to dry. Once they have fully dried, you can string them and either add a clasp or knot closure to secure. The final step is to wear your handmade necklace proud as a peacock and sleep well at night knowing that you not only saved a few bucks and recycled some paper, but you also made something with your two little hands.

The fun thing about recycled paper beads is that the paper you use can change their whole look. I love that you can sort of still read my beads, but the pictures below from Flickr user and Etsy star Jesssprkle show that you can choose color over content to gorgeous effect.

Make these and I'll call you resourceful, not crafty. Send me pics if you take on the project; I'd love to see what you come up with.

Costume Idea: BIG Fashion Faux Pas

Still need an idea for a Halloween costume? Take Marc Jacobs' lead and dress as your least favorite fashion faux-pas. Here's the designer donning a giant no-no camel toe costume at his company's most recent Christmas Party back in December.

Because nothing says Merry Christmas like camel toe!? What would you dress as? I'd be VPL's or an exposed bra strap. Can't stand those!

Eye Candy: Colored Thread

Natalie Galitzine's photo of a dress in progress via Flickr.

Last Minute: Barack Gear Round Up

Obama t-shirt designed by Marc Jacobs

Need a last minute Barack the Vote tee? A Change button? An Obama mask? I'm catching election anticipation fever and I think the cure has something to do with wearing Obama gear and drinking lots of fluids. Unfortunately orders from are no longer guaranteed to arrive by November 4th, so follow me and this link to the roundup of Obama goods in and around New York City if you are similarly in need of a Hope fix. Gobama!

Oh, just for the hell of it, I'm throwing my favorite Barack photo up here on the blog:

He's shaking Terry Richardson's hand, people (I hope it's clean). Once again, Obama proves he's the friggin' man.

The Elephants in the Room

Rachael Yamagata has one of those amazing voices that I could listen to on an endless loop. In fact, I've kind of been doing that all weekend. This is my favorite song from her latest double album, Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart.

It's definitely sad, but so beautiful. I'd venture to say that's an apt description of Rachael too.

P.S.Did you know that elephants mourn?

I had no idea. I promise that sad elephants won't show up very often on this here fashion blog, but how fascinating is that?

On Lak Down

Indian model Lakshmi Menon is bringing her Bangalore beauty to the mainstream. Fresh from recent ad campaigns for Hermes and Givenchy, Menon had a busy Spring show season, marching the runway for Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, and Vera Wang among others. The recent October issue of French Vogue made good use of the model's angular, tough girl features by casting her in an opulent hip-hop themed editorial shoot styled by Madame Carine Roitfeld herself.

While her exposure is increasing, Lakshmi's no beginner. She's been modeling for over six years and already sees right through the fickle business. Her aspirations are more financial than fame-based. She admits she's posing for the handsome salary and fully intends to leave modeling for a more meaningful career in the future. For now, enjoy the view.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Commune With Nature

Before my recent experience at salon-cum-gift shop Commune International in Williamsburg, I would have flatly turned down any invitation to shop in the same place I get my hair cut. Most affordable salons in the City are hectic hair dryer wind tunnels scented with the distinct odor of burning hair; not the most browse-inducing atmosphere. But, thanks to Commune's focus on all natural ingredients the subtle smell of aromatherapy shampoo greets you at the door and leads you happily by the nose into the minimal yet homey space where store displays are decorated seasonally and overseen by art director Yoshiaki Takao.

While waiting for your stylist you can inspect the shop's gorgeously curated display of delicate, nature-inspired jewelry and homemade beauty products. Or, you can flip through a politely supplied current selection of fashion magazines (I think this was the first time a salon stocked magazines I actually wanted to read; Nylon and W, not Hair Trends) . When it's your turn to head to the whisper quiet salon in the back of the store, you sit for a brief consultation with your stylist followed by the most moan-inducing aromatherapy shampoo and head massage you have likely ever experienced. Just choose your scent and let the expert hair washer's hands make your eyes roll back in your head.

The cuts here are layered and flattering. The mostly Japanese staff who carefully snip your tresses with sharp shears are precise and thorough but quick. When you are finished, the $55 haircut will leave you with enough cash in your wallet to consider investing in one of their special jewelry pieces with natural touches: charms shaped like birds, stars, and twigs accompanied by semi-precious stones. They aren't cheap, but they certainly don't look it either.

I've endured my share of costly cuts in this big city, and I've mostly come away irritated and unimpressed. Commune left me delighted, relaxed, and needing to practice how to take a compliment. What more could a girl want?

Commune International

All images: