Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby, You Still Look Good.

This morning my friend Sam and I sipped our Starbucks next to a little girl in a hot pink cape over a tutu and a tee that said "Drama Queen". Her brazen self-styled expression gave me a craving for another edition of Kids Who Dress Themselves. I'm a fan of the Flickr pool with the same name. There's something too fun about kids throwing together outfits. They love to mismatch their shoes and add head gear. It's great.

Layer, especially over striped shirts.

Who needs pants? Seriously, she's the next Gaga.

I love this pumpkin picking outfit.

Don't forget your mom's shades. She's an Olsen's bff.

The rules, besides that there are none, seem to be:

1) Something has to sparkle.
2) Layering is a must.
3) Birthday hats aren't just for birthdays.
4) Halloween costumes aren't just for Halloween.

Your bikini is perfect winter wear.

This girl knows how to make the best of her dance costumes and birthday hats.

Halloween is never over. Never.

The best accessories always sparkle, or taste like chocolate.

Is it wrong to have a kid just so I can let them dress themselves? Say no.

Um, I'm in love with Diane Keaton.

My newest imaginary friend Diane Keaton now and in college.

I've always known that Diane Keaton was cool for life, I mean the lady invented the Annie Hall look. If that's not an act that deserves a lifetime membership card for the cool club, I don't know what is. But, I didn't know that Diane also loves to decoupage (ah, be still my collage loving heart!), decorate homes, take photos, and has an endless appreciation for graphic design and art involving words. How did I find all of this out? T: The New York Times Style Magazine, does a regular feature called Profile in Style and it's an intriguing look at the details of a subject's taste. This edition dissects the visual loves of Ms. Keaton who until now I simply thought of as quirky and eccentric. Now she's my new imaginary friend. Here's a look at what she likes:

Cool pillows.

Collages that her mom made.

Her Annie Hall look. Classic, eternal cool.

A potato masher that states its purpose.

Graphic design, including the cover of Peggy Sirota's book and a b&w blanket.

A photobook of hers (who knew?).

Re-purposed barns and doors that speak.

Cool houses on stilts and in watercolor.

And, there you have it. Diane Keaton. Cool for life.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Body Required.

These clothes were meant for curves.

Mama Miuccia, I (and my hips, boobs, and belly) would personally like to thank you. You did something unprecedented today. Your whole entire collection was meant for a body like mine, one that curves and fills fabric and makes boys dream of milk maids. For the first time on any runway I've seen, the skinny models looked like bags of bones playing dress up while the ones with some body to them looked divine and luscious and ripe.

Stickly looked sickly on the Prada runway.

I'm proud of my curves (now) and I know this next statement might spark some fires, but here goes. While I've always championed the fuller figure, I've had to agree that the clothes most designers make look better on rail thin bodies. I've seen various designers dabble in sending a more voluptuous girl down their catwalk among the petite things, and they've looked out of place, and awkward. Not always, mind you, but most of the time. The difference in Prada's Fall 2010 show is that the skinny things look out of place and awkward, proving a long standing belief: It's in the cut of the clothes. Skinny doesn't automatically mean perfect for any outfit--quite the contrary. In these voluptuous pieces the too thin look deflated and lacking. Thick fabrics, belted, A-line silhouettes, and '50s/'60s shapes are meant for someone with a bit more to them, and it showed.

These thick knits would look better on a thick body...calling Ms. Hendricks!

I don't want to make naturally skinny girls feel badly about their bodies at all, but.... Yay! It just feels so good to have an entire show of victory for fullness. The truth is that most of the young things on the runway are skinny because they are 15, or they subsist on smoke and caffeine.

Be proud of your body. Dress it up pretty and proud. If you don't know how, Mama Miuccia will help you!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are You Ready For Battle?

Christopher Bailey's brilliant, beautiful, big aviator jackets for Fall 2010 (look down there...see 'em?) usher in the full-on status of the nascent military trend that was budding last season. The jackets are pilot perfect and bomb dropping ready. It captures the mood of now quite succinctly--we're done sitting back, shocked that the bottom fell out of the economy, frozen in "what now?" and we are ready to do a bit of battle in our everyday life. Survival of the fiercest. The military trend is a natural sprout from those tougher-than-nails, spike/platform/pedestal heels everyone was obsessed with last season. Women need their fightin' gear, right?

Tommy Ton capttured some H-h-h-h-h-h-heeeelzzzz. OMG. Those are nuts and bolts.

Now, the truth is that the Bailey jackets cost...wait for it... upwards of $3,995.00. Some get up towards the $6,000.00 mark. That's not purchasing reality for most of us, but thanks to fast fashion the look will filter down quick enough to keep you in the mood. Also, if you want to get a head start, I suggest this charming grenade charm necklace from Etsy seller charms4you.

Sweet, subtle, explosive. Purrrrfect.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Give Me A Collar, And Make It A Big One.

Christopher Bailey just rescued me from a very unfortunate case of Fashion Month doldrums. In a season of misfires so far, his collection was actually quite good. His wide collared jackets, beyond-thigh-high boots, and see through lacy combos are that coveted mix of fresh and forever that make his collection sure to fly off of shelves come next fall.

Actually, Burberry doesn't even have to wait a whole season to see the fruits of their fabulous labors. Bailey's entire magnificent collection was available for pre-order via the same website that streamed it live for any fan to catch on their glowing screen. It was as close to an interactive showing as we've had so far this season. Point and click couture. Nice work, Bailey.

Pretty Palette.

Looking at the full view of the Marios Schwab collection is an exercise in aesthetic pleasure. His palette for this season's show was a perfect mix of rich and pretty. Dusty jewel tones were cut with stone-colored neutrals to build a refreshing new mix. See?

The fabrics are as pretty as tapestries up close too.

Do Your Hair for God.

I know you've always wanted to rat your hair for God. Let the ladies of Yearning for Zion Ranch teach you how. In this video the good people of Oprah get a lesson in braiding ass-length manes into the perfect secty, culty do.

It requires three feet of hair, a ratting comb, some elastics, bobbypins, and a lot of fear of God. Also, if you have some fellow wives to help you out and rat your poof for you, that will help.

Do you think Snooki is secretly rocking her poof for God?

Thanks to my friend Dana for the headsup on the video!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sister, sister.

The Olsens get my vote for sister team of the season (sorry Laura and Kate, see my post below). This dress alone earns them the spot:

The sleeve length, the color, the belted volume--it's all so modern but comfortable. It's wearable without being boring and their focus on fabric quality for their line The Row is super smart. They made only 19 looks for this season's presentation, but rather than feeling spare, they were all part of a well edited collection. It's also worth noting that this dress, while shown in the fall collection is perfectly wearable for seasons a bit closer to now, like Spring. That's smart. The idea of doing away with the futurama of fashion's presentation schedule is cropping up more and more. It would be a sea change in the industry if you instituted a wide-spread shift, but if designers can design, make, and deliver clothing a bit closer to real time, they'll benefit from our ever shrinking attention span. We want the trends when we see them. In other words, now.

If Fall dressing is actually more on your mind, this belted wrap coat over black pants looks like a warm bit of heaven.

Nice job MK &A. I now forgive you for New York Minute.


A makeup look from the latest Rodarte line.

Dear Mulleavy Sisters,

I will never stop loving you. Never. You of the wittiest knits, of the blood and guts inspiration, you of the spiderweb tights and the stake-in-the-heart heels. I will never, never not love you. But. But. But. This latest collection was not your best work. I'm not trying to make you feel guilty, or bad about yourselves, but I am trying to make sure this doesn't happen again. You put a whole collection together based on the idea of getting dressed in the dark. Flip the switch and catch a glimpse of the mash-up.

Your craftsmanship is a wonder to behold. Do not question this. Your patchwork pastiche is always a showcase of some damn fine handiwork. Those sweaters that look like thick, loomed yarn? Gorgeous. Those strands of pearls strung sideways over the shoulders? Nice. But all of that mashed together with an ill fit and some ghostly makeup? Not so nice. This is tough love for my favorite pair. I have faith that you'll return in top form next season. Total faith. 'Til then? I have to speak my truth.