Thursday, October 25, 2007

I want shoulder pads?!

I'm obsessed with the below photos of Ms. Carine Roitfeld, the editor-in-chief of French Vogue and the legendary stylist behind Tom Ford's erotically charged rise to fame at the house of Gucci. While Ford seems hell-bent on raising his cheese factor to heart clogging levels (nude shower scenes in Out Magazine?? His own sultry stare selling his perfume line a la' J.Lo??) Madame Roitfeld's still got it.

She is absolutely rocking shoulder pads. Tailored, pointy, elegant even; they are razor sharp and cutting edge. And, am I wrong or is she also working a black satin arm sling in a way that makes it look like some cool, strange fabric accessory that may help you to heal if you just so happened to break a bone? That is one prepared fashionista.

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