Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boot booty

I am on a quest for boots.

I've been hardcore shopping with the intention of replacing the totally cute but treacherous boots I was certain would carry me through a cold city winter. Unfortunately they until randomly turned into ice skates on three separate occasions and sent me flying. Some cheap, crappy, plastic material was used to make their narrow heals. It must have been magically developed in some fabled land of manufacturing as a solid alternative to WD-40, but wound up at the boot factory instead. My bloody knee is finally healing from the last spill and yet, no new boots. So, the search is still on.

Said search is infinitely complicated by my new dedication to only purchasing items that I am profoundly in love with. No hesitating, no rationalizing, no cheap impulse buys ("At this price who could pass this up? I'd be a fool not to buy it."). I want a wardrobe filled with self-expressing pieces; a closet carefully curated. Oh yeah, and on a budget.

These are the boots I am currently drooling over:

But drool will ruin them, and so will the winter sludge, er slush of NYC. They are not waterproof therefore there is no way I can justify the $185 price tag at Sacco. But, a girl can dream.

Did I mention I need flats? Waterproof and work-wearable? So many criteria. Any suggestions will be gladly received.

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