Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shalom Three Ways.

So, shalom (hello) I am back from an amazing visit to Israel. It was one of those trips that leaves you changed. Words can't approach accurate descriptions of all the beautiful natural sites I saw, the holy spots that were so many channels for prayer, or the people I met who were generous and full of faith. At any given moment I was either looking at some breathtaking natural wonder (like the sunrise from Mt. Masada above), witnessing spirituality in action, or eating life changing pita and hummus. Those activities were on a loop. It was glorious.

It was so hard to say shalom (goodbye) to Israel, but I've taken a lot with me including some great photos:

Street art in Tel Aviv

Beach Views and Flowers in Tel Aviv

Sugar Rush Markets


While this post isn't necessarily fashion related, I hope it brings you some small taste of the beauty I soaked up. Shalom (peace) and happiness. (:-)

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