Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bring Me Back.

Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy couture collection for Fall 2010 has spine, quite literally. Influenced by Google-spotlighted birthday girl (and legendary artistic orthopedic patient) Frida Kahlo, the collection is heavy with artistry built on bony imagery. The colors of the collection keep themselves ivory-based or metallic, like bones and metal braces. The patterns and intensely detailed elements of the dresses make strong use of skeletal structures. In their phenomenal fullness, Tisci's collection has inspired Style.com to do something I've always wished they would do for each and every piece they show; they are giving us a rear view. In the photos shown as the detail view of the looks, the cameras are pointed at the models' posteriors. This is the right direction for the site to head in. Missing the back of a couture ensemble is missing half of the look. To some that is enticingly open-ended, to others (read: me) that is frustrating. Thanks for finishing the full picture Style.com, I can only hope you keep bringing it back.

All photos courtesy of Givenchy via Style.com.

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