Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Lee.

I've written of Lee Miller here before, of her fantastic photography that was captured both with the artistic eye of a surrealist, and as an entrenched woman at war. The mere existence of her images is a testament to the magnetism of her presence, which defied the repressive gender norms of her time. In a day where the Mrs. was supposed to be home tending the chores and awaiting the arrival of her battle weary man--bullets whizzed by and tanks drove through and Lee got her shot.

But, even before she was a trailblazer, Miller was a stark beauty. Her gorgeousness is an impressive thing, almost an object to be studied all on its own. A friend of mine who's style sense mirrors that of a certain superhero's Spidey Sense, mentioned Lee as a recent muse, and I can only take that to mean that we will all be worshiping the idol of Miller in a matter of time. Here, behold the gorgeous creature and her work.

Surreal. Beautiful.

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