Friday, April 09, 2010

Your Feet Look Good In Flowers.

Spring is so fickle--here in glorious, warm bloom one minute, then retreating to cooler climes, or lambasting us with summer's sear before we are ready. But, for all of this we forgive Spring because,'s magic. It makes birds chirp, babies squeal on playground swings, and it raises flowers from the cold, dead ground. It's simply magic. This year I'm seeing florals everywhere and I've decided I want them on my feet. I'm going to leave the prairie print, babydoll dresses to the waify, hipster chicks who look ethereal in them, and rock some floral Huipile Booties from Osborn paired with my uniform of black bottoms and white tops instead.

Osborn Shoes are crafted by skilled artisans and textile makers in Guatemala City and sold via the Osborn Design Studios run by Carla Venticinque-Osborn & Aaron Osborn in sunny, tropical...Brooklyn. The Huipile Booties are embroidered, and each pair is one of a kind--like all of the company's footwear. Produced sustainably and with respect to their makers, the shoes are just as magic as Springtime itself. Don't believe me? Here, watch them dance!

*Special thanks to the chic, Osborn-clad therapist/fashion fan I met on the 1 train for the tip. Always talk to strangers, kids. Always.

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