Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School.

Today is my first day as a student at FIT. If you follow this blog at all, you can probably guess how I'm feeling: I'm thrilled. I'm also filled with all of the nervous energy that being thrilled entails. A lot of the nerves are coming up around what to wear, naturally. I'm searching through my closet as I type to find the perfect outfit for a fashion student's first day. Granted I'm not a design student, and that lends itself to a certain brand of relief around not having to prove my aesthetic in my outfit choice. No overwrought frills for me, I'm going to keep things simple, classic, comfortable and weather suitable (which today means safe for soggy). Thank god I'm also not a high school student.

First day of school outfits from Flickr users.

These girls are headed to their first days of high school, which is way more loaded than heading to your first day of Grad School. Remember how much your first day outfit meant? Remember the back to school shopping and the laying out of clothes the night before? Remember the next day when all of those clothes that you laid out the night before didn't look right at all, and you needed something else in the ten minutes before your bus or your ride honked for you? Oh, dear, I do. Well, teens today have a new tools for sartorial stress of this kind...Youtube and Flickr. The new "So, what should I wear tomorrow??" conversation is a now a photo or a vlog entry with a fashion show of options for your viewers to vote on. If only I had thought ahead, I'd be taking advantage of all of your style eyes! For now, I'll watch and learn from the teens below who were barely out of diapers on my first day of high school.


Cornelia said...

I'm sure you looked awesome! Hope the first day was great.

I couldn't stop thinking of the scene in Clueless where she picks out her school clothes.

Donna K. said...

...I'm loving the back-to-school outfits going on in Arizona- lots of fall fashion (long sleeves, tights, flannels) despite the 120degree weather! It doesn't have to be like this girls!