Monday, February 28, 2011

Are You Repulsed?

The Lady hath done done it again; this time, with more placenta! Believe me, I'm squeamed by the gelatinous birth scenes too, but how sci-fi and kitchy crazy are they? The thing is, the colors, the mirror effect, the wind-catching swaths of fabric, and the pounding editing are Nick Knight trademarks, who Gaga entrusted with directing duties. The video is your invitation to watch them create a new universe. Let them do their thing, fly their freak flag like joyous kids in and endless field on whatever planet they come from. I know all the chatter about the song being a Madonna bite is deafening, but this visual accompaniment is beyond Madge's capabilities. While Madonna devotes endless funds to the pursuit of forever-youngness, youthful prettiness, hotness, Gaga's busy showing you her ugly parts enhanced to be uglier. Look at them or don't. I dare you not to. Also, I'm pretty sure the last ten seconds of the video are a direct shout out to the gap-toothed Material Girl from her Rain days. Make of it what you will, Gaga's taken pop astral with a talented crew of assistants that are bursting into stars in their own right. Talent attracts talent and repels mediocrity. Are you repulsed?

The video can be seen as its best self on the SHOWStudio website. They can also provide you with the full stable of credits for the creation of the video.

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