Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Trend Watch: Merkins.

Fashion does not stop at clothes, so neither will this intrepid blog! Some trends aren't necessarily visible to the naked eye, but rather visible when someone is naked in front of your eye. For so long fashion in female grooming practices has followed a "less the better" ethos with lots of ladies sending their parts on painful trips to Brazil. However, in an ode to "it all comes back around" the fuller stylings of the '70s are making a comeback. American Apparel ads say so, and so does former Dresden Dolls singer Amanda Palmer. Below is the Young Punx remix of her latest single "Map of Tasmania" featuring the teaches of muff-advocate Peaches.

The video makes a star of many merkins. Whether tinseled like a x-mas tree, festooned with Legos, or rollin' in the bills, the merkins offer creative solutions for the girls who have spent so many years getting rid of everything that they now have no resources to follow fashion. Don't worry ladies, some hot glue and your favorite knick-knacks will keep you in the running for style setter. Also in case you have no knick-knacks, just print and cut the map of Tasmania below. Instant femme fashion.

(Oh come on! I can't possibly let it get too highbrow 'round here. haha)

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