Monday, August 18, 2008

A model rebellion

Models don't really make news anymore. They barely show up in fashion magazines, having been replaced by actresses hawking their latest vehicles. I for one want the models back. I'm sick of miscast, misdirected photoshoots starring the actress next store all gussied up to look tough and to prove her versatility, but winding up looking plain old weird. Two recent examples of why modeling should be left to models are Rachel McAdams in the latest T Magazine and Kate Hudson in this month's W.

Rachel light and dark.

Kate happy and moody.

It's all a bunch of marketing dollars changing hands. There's a reason why God created models, that scant 1% of the population that can actually make a garbage bag dress and black lipstick look like divinely inspired art. Give me "the girls" anyday, and while you're at it--make them tough for real.

Introducing Alice Dellal:

She's been on the scene for about a year, but her recently half shaved head has given her a boost in visibility. Her nose piercing, flannel shirts, and ripped tights are ushering in a 90's grunge era renaissance.

Her model foremothers would be proud. She stands firmly on the shoulders of pretty tough things from days past, like fully shaved (and tattooed) Eve Salvail and fire-engine red head Sybil Buck.

Rebel yell: I want more, more, more!

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Anthea said...

i agree ... rachel mcadams was in a movie called the notebook for god's sake! i don't want to see her looking dark and edgy!