Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shady Lady

Diane Pernet puts the e in eccentric. A former New York designer and reportage photographer, she currently pens a fashion blog (a Shaded View on Fashion) and co-curates the traveling fashion film festival "You Wear it Well". And, she dresses like this every single day of her life:

Inspired by the grieving Sicilian widows in Mussolini films, she dons black and veils and a mile high coif to roam the streets of Paris. She's like Elvira's high society step sister. I'm always impressed with the dedication a well crafted look requires. Those large black sunglasses must do something to focus her fashion sense, because she has quite the eye. The 3rd installment of You Wear it Well premiers in September. Here's a quick preview:

*editor's note: Diane now works alone and her film festival is called A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival, everything else remains the same. Thanks for the correction!

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asvonfff said...

Hi, thanks for your post, I just wanted to clarify one thing -the structure of the festival has changed. I work alone and it is nolonger You Wear it Well but A Shaded VIew on Fashion Film. Same location and dates. The confusion no doubt comes for a article that wrote ASVOFF was co-curated. All the best and thanks for your support,