Friday, September 17, 2010

Manifest This: On a Mission.

Instead of giving you the full-on fashion month coverage that you can get every single other place on the style-o-webs, I'm inviting you all on a journey. Shall you choose to accept my invitation, you'll float through the wireless air on a magical carpet plush enough for the spikiest heels. We'll travel to the far reaches of, weaving in and out of each look from the miles of runway shows. We will circle supermodels and dive bomb Z-list celebs. We'll wave to Grace Coddington (how you doin', Red?). We'll upgrade Lynn Yaeger to first class and bump Anna what's-her-name to stand-by. Most importantly, we'll search for new style. You see readers, I'm bored with my closet. I'm in fashion school now, and if I don't up my cool factor by at least half, they'll kick me out--or at least kick me. I'm ready for some fresh idears in my wardrobe. Where to begin this seemingly overwhelming search? With a mission statement of course:

Who's with me? Let's go. Now. No, you can't tinkle first, this is more important and we're already late! C'mon!


Blaire said...

You know I'm with you on this one.

nicole s. said...

gold star

Donna K. said...

...I with you up to the care tag instructions!