Monday, September 20, 2010

On a Mission: Lalalalace

Doing this On a Mission exercise of seeing what catches my eye this fashion month, I'm noticing that I'm a bit of a tomboy. I don't like fussy, or frilly, or straightened, glossed, and shimmery. But I do like feminine touches to go with my fairly boyish fare. I think it has something to do with my curves, they are almost aggressively feminine. Having boobs and an ass makes you a little bit of a sexual display case for the world. You are announced as a female, announced as a sexual object just by being in your body. Sometimes that's great, sometimes that is powerful and beautiful. But sometimes I want a volume knob on it all, and that is where the comfort in more masculine clothes comes from. In fact, a little bit of boy on me makes me feel even sexier than all the girlishness most days. However, a shot of something really girlie, like the pretty lace in Imitation's latest outing, is so beautiful and keeps me remembering that I have girl power (you know the ability to generate life, cry in public when I want, and play dress-up unquestioned).

Pair it with some red lips, jeans, and boots, and keep it in a solid, simple palette and it's tempered to a perfect pitch of pretty. It's not little girl, it's a soft weapon.

Photo: Monica Feudi / via

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