Monday, June 14, 2010

I Wish I Knew How To Shred.

Marilyn Minter's 2008 Supreme Decks.

The coolest kids on the skateboard block--the folks at New York's Supreme--have a talent for reigniting my adolescent envy. I had an intense love affair with skater girl style back in the 7th grade (purple hair, baggy everything, x-Girl tees, and most of all, Bikini Kill blastin' in my ears) but never had the guts or the coordination to actually get on board. Now, I wish I had stuck with it so that I could weave down the streets or kick sick tricks on rails (or whatever the youngsters are doing these days) just so I could be in rightful possession of the amazing decks the company has released over the years. Supreme has collaborated with some of the art world's top contemporary artists to create supercool art infused boards: Marilyn Minter, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Ryan McGinness, skate artist extraordinaire Sean Cliver have all put their stamp on Supreme skate gear.

Ryan McGinness' Pantone Paint series.

The catch is that the boards are produced in limited editions and cost more than a pretty penny, in fact it would take a lot of ciggy re-selling to rack up enough bills for a sweet one. If you are dedicated you can find resold editions on Ebay for the equivalent of a shitty used car, but think of how much cooler you'll look traversing the concrete jungle on a Minter rather than behind the seat of a clunker. Also, if you are like me and still have no coordination, nothing says the boards can't be hung on the wall like the art they are.

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