Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Somewhere Soft.

If the trailer for Sofia Coppola's latest film Somewhere is any indication, it's filled with the diminutive director's signature soft colors. Sofia's pale palate is the perfect embodiment of a femininity that isn't quite girlie (it's not frilly, not pink per se) and definitely isn't fierce. Her pretty protagonists, Elle Fanning included, have the most natural beauty. At the same time her male leads have that boyish-grown-man charm that makes them soft too, in the most beautiful way.

The movie poster for Somewhere (top); Sofia's Milkfed cuties (above).

Any film by Coppala is a fashion film. Her sense of clothing has been evident since her Milkfed days in the '90s. Yes--lest anyone forget--Coppola's pre-Oscar days were spent designing clothing. The girl's got a sartorial pedigree that includes having interned for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel as a high schooler. When she launched Milkfed with a friend in '98, she'd already had top tier training. Sofia is that rare breed of style star that actually understands clothing construction, color choice, print, and pattern making, and it shows. Her personal wardrobe is always simple and chic, and her costume department is always impeccably run. Somewhere isn't the grand couture fete that was Marie Antoinette (although my favorite part of that movie doesn't really involve much clothing...le sigh), but the subtle side of Coppola's aesthetic a'la Lost in Translation is just as enjoyable. You'll have plenty of time to ponder whether the clothing will make the film, it's not released until December 22nd. Until then, you can shop Sofia's still-going Milkfed line out of its Japan store.

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nicole s. said...

fact: after watching this trailer, i had the urge to purchase a yellow purse. i just rewatched it to see why that could have happened and sure enough, there was a yellow purse in it.