Friday, June 04, 2010

Shop To Clean.

Shop and help get birdies clean.

I can't look at another sludge covered bird. I can't do it, not while that spigot is still spewing its poison anti-lava. But, I won't ignore them; the pelicans, the fish, the oysters, the fisherman, the Gulf Coasters, the hermit crabs. They all need some help. So instead of staring with a rubbery neck while the accident rages, I'm offering you some actions to take. Yet again, fashion can help. Here's how: Buy T-shirts!

1) Dirty Coast Tee

$25, All proceeds go to support the United Commercial Fishermans Association.

2) Community Center of St. Bernard

$12.95, Raises money for the Community Center of St. Bernard

3) One Nola

$15, Each purchase funds restoration efforts.

Think you can design a snarkier, better selling "down with BP" tee? Bring it on, designers, bring it on:

Creative Allies is encouraging artists to stop mourning and design t-shirts instead. The right tee will win $100 bucks, inspire hope, get out some rage, and do so much more than that. The better the design, the more product moved, the more money raised to help the cause. All proceeds will go to the Gulf Coast Restoration Project. Designs are due by June 15th so get to it!

Sending a prayer to all those affected. I'm gonna close with Creative Allies' catchphrase: Don't Mourn. Take Action.

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