Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cheap Thrill: Kung Fu Shoes

I'm a fan of the Kung Fu Mary Jane. It's a classic, and no matter what's in or out, slipping your toesies into a pair of those babies solves the footwear issue in a comfy, cute way. I was recently contemplating purchasing a pair I saw at Urban Outfitters, when I thought to myself, "Ya know what? I can get these in Chinatown for half of the $18 bucks they want here in Coolville." So I put 'em down, and resolved to fine me the real deal for less dough. Well, wouldn't you know, I hit pay dirt.

On a recent rainy day I found myself on an unfamiliar stretch of 6th Avenue with some time to kill. All of the sudden huge stores stocked to the brim with crazy boxes of bright bric-a-brac, like panda plush toys, bamboo figurines, paper parasols, and barking/flipping wind-up doggy toys were calling my name. I found it! The land of Chinatown wholesale! And right there in the front of Yung Kee Trading Inc. were big boxes of kung-fu shoes in every color! And, they were $24 a dozen. That's $2 a pair. Yeah, you do have to buy 12 pairs, but you can mix and match and pick as many colors, styles, and sizes as you want. Grab 11 friends and make a day of it, or pick up a few pairs for your lovely lady friends. Or, get the goods and turn 'em around for a profit. Exciting? If you think so, hit me up and we'll have a field trip.


Anonymous said...

Um, I'm totally hitting this place when I come up at the end of the month. Did I mention I'm coming up at the end of the month?

Anna Yanofsky said...

Who are you anonymous?!

La Cindy said...

oh hi, it's cindy in austin. i thought i logged in.