Monday, June 15, 2009

Cheap Thrill: Parisian Chic

When I think of Paris, I think of two things: how much I love everything about it, and This 2006 cover of T Magazine featuring Sofia Coppola and a pair of hot pink, plastic Eiffel Tower earrings:

In fact, this is one of my favorite magazine covers. The stark pop of pink dangling from Sofia's ear is such a great contrast to the subtle softness of the rest of the photo. See the faded Tour de Eiffel in the background? That serious icon gets a perfectly post-modern dunk in colorful, playful electric strawberry plastic. It's a great play on the tension between the Parisian preference for all things traditional and their constant dedication to stretching and molding the rules to find what's nouvelle, especially in fashion. Anyways, enough analysis. A recent Times article about a few proposed plans for possible architecture projects in and around Paris brought this image to mind. All it really does is make me want a pair of plastic eiffels of my own, so I went inter-hunting.

These super cute gold ones from Girl Props may do the trick.

They are 3-D danglers. If you don't mind a pancaked version, and are feeling crafty enough to string 'em yourself, you can get fantastic plastic tour charms in a few great colors.

You get a dozen charms for $4.50 from The Plastic Shop so you can do a bunch of Paris pairs for not a bunch of money. Like it? "Oui, oui," says moi.

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ellastica said...

those earring are seared in my mind too!

I remember thinking how sofia bypassed the unsuspecting cheesy tourist look or annoyingly ironic I’m so clever shtick with her signature restraint and elevated those plastic earring to tongue in cheek, sartorial art.