Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Minutes For All Time

A few years ago Nick Knight lined up some to the world's most cherished human resources (supermodels!) and snapped their photos for a model-heavy issue of British Vogue. Before the gorgeous creatures escaped his studio to return to their natural habitats, he pointed a digital film camera at them and let it roll for two minutes in a Warholian exercise. The project, called More Beautiful Women, was for Knight's brilliant fashion/web love child, SHOWstudio. No instructions were given; there was no goal, no endgame- just two full minutes of permission-granted voyeurism. The videos are like mini-psych experiments. The models mostly begin with fierce stares, or some sort of strong, put-on pose. Then they giggle and loosen up. Then they attempt to regain composure, but we've seen through their pay-per-hour stare and it doesn't last as long this time. They look away, they fidget, or they become mannequins. They get bored. They are no longer models, but women watching their own thoughts, unaware of the camera. Then they are relieved when it's over. Here's a play-by play of Helena Christensen's two minutes:

The opening stare into the camera is fierce and sexy from behind a half curtain of perfectly tousseld hair. That's why she gets the big bucks.

Then the arms relax, a smile cracks.

She tucks the fierce hair behind her ear.

Makes a brief attempt to get the fierceness back.

But melts again.

Gives us a stellar, goofy eyecross.

Gets bored.

Is no longer vamping in the least.

Gives a goofy, girlie grin when the timer buzzes.

Leaves the set giggling.

It makes for great watching. Click here to see Christensen in full. Erin O'Connor and Kate Moss also took turns staring down the lens.

kate moss in more beautiful women

I wish there were better archives of this project. Knight had so many women participate, from Twiggy to Naomi, to Penelope, to Shalom. If you hunt down anymore beautiful creature clips, send 'em my way!

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