Friday, June 12, 2009

One/One-Thousand: Miles Aldridge

One of Aldridge's typically saturated fashion images.

Steven Kasher Gallery is hosting an exhibit of work by fashion photographer Miles Aldridge. His plastic fantastic photo style, pallet of bright, crayon colors, and super-lit, sexed-up scenes are classic examples of fashion's current flair for hyper-maximalism. With fellow snappers like Mert and Marcus, David Lachapelle, and Solve Sundsbo working in similar styles, it's interesting to see Aldridge's defining characteristics on display. His process is thought out pre-shoot.

He literally sketches his shots by hand in marker on paper. The pre-photo set pieces are on view right next to Aldridge's super-saturated portraits of mouths engaging in all sorts of lippy activities. The two subjects- Aldridge's prep work and his mouthy portraits- are the highlights of the show.

You can see more from the exhibit on Steven Kasher's website. You can get sparly gold lipstic here. Just in case...

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