Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Required Reading.

I've written about the Jak and Jil Blog before, but this time I must insist that reading it is a prerequisite for any friend of fashion who is also a friend of mine. I love the site because the photos are large. When it comes to eye candy (and maybe a few other things in life) I'm a size queen. The simple black and white surroundings of the site let the photos do the poppin' and the photos are divine; like sent from God through founder Tommy Ton's lenses. His sense of style, color, and fab are unparalleled, even in a blogosphere crammed with typing/snapping fashion heads. Check his flow:

Do Mr. Ton the honor of checking out the photos in their large spalshy size on Jak and Jil. His work makes my fashion bone itch. That's a good thing.

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