Monday, June 01, 2009

Kruse (in) Control

Christina Kruse's self-portraits.

Christina Kruse has transitioned from being a supermodel in front of the camera, to being, well, a photographer...still in front of the camera.

Some of Kruse's more haunting images.

Using herself as her own subject, Kruse has been creating stylized self-portraits for a couple of years now. Her part Warhol, part Sherman pics are actually quite intriguing. Rather than a beautiful girl's documentation of her own navel-gazing, the portraits serve more to obscure and play with her pretty face. They are creepy and unsettling.

Kruse's work for Interview Magazine.

Recently she's been commissioned by Interview Magazine to showcase a couple of trends, and she's even staged a gallery exhibition of her work, and bound her photos and accompanying sketches into travel journal-like books titled, Reisebuch 1-5.

An image from Kruse's publication, Reisebuch 1-5

Kruse has taken control of the shutter, and therefore her image, in a way that few models ever dare to try. The results are quirky and self-obsessed in an entirely watchable way.

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