Sunday, May 17, 2009

Allegiance to Alaia

When The Met's new show Model as Muse opened recently, it's organizers caught some flack for their exclusion of the work of Azzedine Alaia, who has been known for his close relationships with models throughout his wonderful career. I just stumbled upon a vintage Alaia profile that could be submitted as evidence in a court of law to prove his claim of shafting.

Alaia claims that editrix Anna Wintour had most to do with his absence from the show, and that her say and opinions have too much influence over the museum's choices. I wonder what Alaia did to upset The Wintour. Maybe Morley Safer will ask her about it on 60 Minutes tonight. (can't hardly wait)
PS: I love Naiomi's eyebrows in that video.

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