Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Delighted To Meet You, Mr. Bowles!

New York is my homie. I love this city. Luminaries and lunatics share sidewalk space on any given block at any given moment. Yesterday, I shared a concrete square with Mr. Hamish Bowles. He was fresh from the Model as Muse show at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (where I had spotted him, but shied away) and walking down the street in the most amazing coat I have ever seen. I think it saw me too...

Mr. Bowles in his Libertine coat a few blocks from The Met.

I stopped him and asked where that coat came from and he delightedly told me that it is a Libertine piece, an original vintage that they silk screened in LA. He was so impeccably and interestingly dressed, with every detail assessed and curated. His round rimmed glasses, his purple tie, his foppish hair, it was all so... Hamish.

Hamish and that other Anna.

Just what is Hamish? Well, as one of the upper echelon of fashion's intelligentsia, Mr. Bowles's taste is tapped for the pages of Vogue. He was hand picked by Anna Wintour to succeed Andre Leon Talley in the mag's post of European Editor at Large. His qualifications for the spot include being educated in fashion design alongside John Galliano at Central Saint Martens, and doing a healthy term at Harper's and Queen Magazine where he rose through their ranks from Fashion Director to Style Editor. He also has a sick collection of couture in a storage space in Queens.

Selections from the Bowles collection as featured in Interview Magazine.

He's a student of the art of fashion, through and through and I'm so happy to have bumped into him. This fashion geek was quite thrilled by the run-in, and he was all sweet smiles. Lovely.

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