Thursday, May 14, 2009

Common Goods: Retro Drugstore Stock

These pics from Flickr are of vintage drugstore shelves circa 1970. I have a fetish for photos and film footage of store shelves, especially grocery stores, but these shots put drugstores in a close second spot. I think it's something about the lighting and all of the repetition. I wish someone would have preserved a store of this era and in this condition so I could take a gaga-eyed stroll down its aisles, but for now I'll settle for these excellent photos.

Beauty products.

Laundry soap.

Feminine hygene products.

More fem products.

Cleaning products. Love those glove boxes!

1 comment:

me melodia said...

Ah! I love these.
There's just something about old packaging that makes my head spin.
Great find.