Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teller Tells Tate

There is a great article in the New York Times today about the un-retouching movment that is brewing in pop fashion photography, and Jeurgen Teller was mentioned as one of the snappers who has always kept things real.

Back in 1999, before reality TV was an overwrought cliche, Teller did a groundbreaking project where he photographed every wannabe model who banged on his door with her portfolio in hand and a dream of superstardom in mind. With little direction to the girls and no retouching, the shots expose the grit and desperation of the beauty business. I've always loved the series, (which can be yours in a great book called Go-Sees) and Teller's thoughts behind the project are just as interesting as the shots in the book. In this video from the TateShots series, Teller talks about the power of the male photographer in the fashion biz and even plays a little table tennis.

I love when he mentions seeing the girls changing from trainers into heels on the corner of his street just before they rang him up. Artifice is always in action, no matter how little retouching is happening.

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