Friday, May 15, 2009

The Virign Ressurections.

Jeffrey Eugenides' debut novel, The Virgin Suicides, is rising again with a beautifully covered reissue.

The book is a must read, with its darkly intriguing tale of the Lisbon girls- five perfectly unattainable and ethereal creatures that also happen to be sisters, and the fixed obsession of a group of fascinated, neighborhood boys who are on a mission to find out how to save the girls from themselves. The novel was made into a soft-lit, excellently soundtracked debut film by Sofia Coppola that deserves a re-view as well.

The film is dreamy, light, floaty, and also dark and urgent; it is so many things. When I first saw the film when it was new, I think I was a little too green behind the ears to appreciate its full delicate but indelible impact. Now I'm loving it. Here's part of the film:

Sofia's styling of the girls is a perfect match for the resurgence of soft, flowery things that have been floating down city streets this spring. Tea cozy worthy florals spun into dresses, skirts, light-as-air sheer tops. It's a little Lux Lisbon rebirth.

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Rahul said...

For me, nothing beats the original cover: