Thursday, February 04, 2010

Take My Foto, I Wanna Be Una Estrella.

A friend of a friend is in Argentina and word on the street is that Floggers are taking over. The Flog craze started on the Internet at a site called Fotolog where teens upload photos of themselves and become stars. The kids who fotoblog the most and get the most comments are serious celebrities recognized on the streets of their cities and asked for autographs. The uniform for the movement includes tight-ass skinny jeans, neon colors, and an all important fringed, pushed-way-to-the-side haircut. As with most teen crazes the boys are pretty and androgynous (think Shane from The L Word) and the girls gather at malls to scream at and swoon over them in large crowds.

Also, they have their own dance. This is what it looks like:

I love that they are in the middle of the street there. Cars? Watch out, I'm dancin' here. That's so electro.

Rock on, chiquititos, rock on.


the.ramonas said...

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be bad, stay chic!



Rachel said...

Ok, this is both very cool, and very crazy!