Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sister, sister.

The Olsens get my vote for sister team of the season (sorry Laura and Kate, see my post below). This dress alone earns them the spot:

The sleeve length, the color, the belted volume--it's all so modern but comfortable. It's wearable without being boring and their focus on fabric quality for their line The Row is super smart. They made only 19 looks for this season's presentation, but rather than feeling spare, they were all part of a well edited collection. It's also worth noting that this dress, while shown in the fall collection is perfectly wearable for seasons a bit closer to now, like Spring. That's smart. The idea of doing away with the futurama of fashion's presentation schedule is cropping up more and more. It would be a sea change in the industry if you instituted a wide-spread shift, but if designers can design, make, and deliver clothing a bit closer to real time, they'll benefit from our ever shrinking attention span. We want the trends when we see them. In other words, now.

If Fall dressing is actually more on your mind, this belted wrap coat over black pants looks like a warm bit of heaven.

Nice job MK &A. I now forgive you for New York Minute.

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