Sunday, February 28, 2010

Um, I'm in love with Diane Keaton.

My newest imaginary friend Diane Keaton now and in college.

I've always known that Diane Keaton was cool for life, I mean the lady invented the Annie Hall look. If that's not an act that deserves a lifetime membership card for the cool club, I don't know what is. But, I didn't know that Diane also loves to decoupage (ah, be still my collage loving heart!), decorate homes, take photos, and has an endless appreciation for graphic design and art involving words. How did I find all of this out? T: The New York Times Style Magazine, does a regular feature called Profile in Style and it's an intriguing look at the details of a subject's taste. This edition dissects the visual loves of Ms. Keaton who until now I simply thought of as quirky and eccentric. Now she's my new imaginary friend. Here's a look at what she likes:

Cool pillows.

Collages that her mom made.

Her Annie Hall look. Classic, eternal cool.

A potato masher that states its purpose.

Graphic design, including the cover of Peggy Sirota's book and a b&w blanket.

A photobook of hers (who knew?).

Re-purposed barns and doors that speak.

Cool houses on stilts and in watercolor.

And, there you have it. Diane Keaton. Cool for life.


ellastica said...

not even i could pull off those jeans. you go girl!

must track down that sirota book. remember that sheryl crow vid she directed?

Anonymous said...

Have been a "Diane-Fan" for years, but had not seen the stuff on your blog-so thank you.

You are right about this lady- I love the Annie Lebowitz photo in
Vanity Fair Hollywood edition (after Something's Gotta Give)
entitled "the Cool One".

Finally got to meet her last December at a booksigning-she
was fun!