Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby, You Still Look Good.

This morning my friend Sam and I sipped our Starbucks next to a little girl in a hot pink cape over a tutu and a tee that said "Drama Queen". Her brazen self-styled expression gave me a craving for another edition of Kids Who Dress Themselves. I'm a fan of the Flickr pool with the same name. There's something too fun about kids throwing together outfits. They love to mismatch their shoes and add head gear. It's great.

Layer, especially over striped shirts.

Who needs pants? Seriously, she's the next Gaga.

I love this pumpkin picking outfit.

Don't forget your mom's shades. She's an Olsen's bff.

The rules, besides that there are none, seem to be:

1) Something has to sparkle.
2) Layering is a must.
3) Birthday hats aren't just for birthdays.
4) Halloween costumes aren't just for Halloween.

Your bikini is perfect winter wear.

This girl knows how to make the best of her dance costumes and birthday hats.

Halloween is never over. Never.

The best accessories always sparkle, or taste like chocolate.

Is it wrong to have a kid just so I can let them dress themselves? Say no.

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