Monday, February 08, 2010

Common Goods: Ballers.

My favorite part of The Superbowl yesterday, as it is with any football game, were the tackles. I love the visual of guys running full speed at each other followed by the crunch sound of gear making impact against gear, helmets crashing into one another, thuds. It's a cacophony of chaos that always leaves me asking how in the hell do they do that to their bodies again and again. A big reason why they can do that again and again is because of their protective padding and helmets. But, there was a time when those things were not a part of standard uniforms. A little trip down football history lane via The Commons reveals that protective gear wasn't always standard. It's shocking to see players on the field with no helmets, no giant shoulder pads, thin little shoes.

You know who is dressed properly? The coach! Look at him, walking the field in a three piece suit on practice day, and with a hat no less. Amazing. If only they still had such levels of gentlemanly dress, I'd be more interested in The Big Game. I am glad the players wear helmets now though. Big improvement.

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