Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Not A Good Time To Be An Animal.

Naysayers do not utter another sound! In fact, make no animal noises at all lest you risk your hide. Fur is flying down the runways, and feathers and leather are stampeding behind it. I'm not a PETA postergirl by any means. In fact, my days as a vegetarian in 9th grade were shadowed with the guilt of blood on my hands. My father made his money selling leather jackets so even the pennies spent on veggies were earned through meaty murder. I now give it less guilt-ridden thought and I've grown into the opinion that qualtiy leather is actually a responsible choice in a world of fast fashion: It lasts, it's warm, it wears well. So, I'm not opposed to designers using leather or even fur in the right ways. But this season? This is ridiculous!

There is probably some really great market research out there that has led to this fur frenzy. I'm sure that women are willing to pay a bit more for what they percieve as a luxurious statement piece or something that screams aloud the price they paid for it. When you see fur you think wealth. If you are going to spend a chunk of change on your coat, you might as well announce it, right? To be fair, without product information I can't tell if any of these pieces are faux, but fake fur is a faux pas and I'm not so thrilled that it's going to be lining the racks of Forever 21 come fall.

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