Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Prettiest Nightmare I've Never Had.

Guinevere Van Seenus runs in Rodarte.

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Wow. Rodarte's latest collaboration more than makes up for their lackluster show at the New York tents a couple of weeks ago. The video Todd Cole did featuring pieces from The Mulleavy Sisters' Spring 2010 collection is a mind warping romp through a rocket ship ghost yard. Shot on location at the now defunct space-tech field lab of Paypal co-founder Elon Musk, the video piece is chillingly sparse. It stars a lone supermodel, the excellent and underused Guinevere Van Seenus, who was a glossy page regular in the late '90s/early aughts. Her reemergence here is perfect for the strangeness of the video--where'd they find Guinevere? In that deserted spaceship hull?


Wherever she was, she's not happy about where she's wound up. Her pained expression and laborious running through the ghosted space spot are haunting to say the least. The eerily industrial soundtrack buzzes, hisses, and basses the perfect tone for all of the unsettling that unfolds. So, what's pretty about this nightmare of strain, strife, and space? The dresses! Rodarte's Spring collection was a collage of gorgeous fabrics that had gone through some really tough times--they were burned, stretched, dirtied, dunked, beat up--kind of like our seemingly tortured Guinevere. But they came out on the otherside knotted and resewn into some beatuiful pieces of work. Purgatory to the heavens. Watch the video, it makes a better case than I.

Click the above images to watch the full Todd Cole/Rodarte collabo.

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Rahul said...

you are so right about this video! I watched part of it with the sound off yesterday which was SUCH a mistake. this is amazing. I'm generally not a huge fan of No Age (the band that did the soundtrack), but they are so spot-on here. This is a pretty nightmare, you're spot-on too.