Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog Love: Me Melodia

It's new feature time! The Internets are magic. They let you check in on people you never knew existed. And, you get to follow their lives, tastes, interests, and talents closely in a way that you never could have without this new-fandagled technology and virtual world. Sometimes, if I think about it too much, it freaks me out. But if I just go along with the virtual reality, it's fun. Soothing to the soul. Also, if I do in fact ever meet the people I've been following along, they are always delightful and pleasant and would make great real friends. So, I'm sharing the wealth of my blog trolling with you. Meet my virtual friends...

First up is Me Melodia. I don't know her real name, although I think it's Melody? I think maybe she lives in Miami? I've never talked with her outside of a few Tweets and RT's. But, I do know that she has excellent taste in....well, everything. She has an eye for interesting art, a love of crafts that aren't too kitschy (read surf board cozy), and the cutest little Chihuahua ever (his name is Parker). I also know that her boyfriend built the Chihuahua a cute, contained patch of lawn on the deck so that the pup can do his business without the bother of a trip to the street below.

We share a favorite song (Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright) and the girl's just got her ear to the hip ground. But, it's not so hip that it's annoying. In fact, there's a wonderful dose of dorky, historical, funny info that winds up on Me Melodia in the best possible way. A recent favorite post is a project that she discovered and posted as a link where a woman is living head to toe, meal to movie, bike to specs as if though it were the 1930's.

Some sweet tastes of the Me Melodia corner of the blogosphere. Click to be sent to her!

The blog covers all sorts of mind-boggling things and following along will be a delight. I promise. Much Blog Love to you Melody(?)!


me melodia said...

♥ ♥ My heart just exploded. ♥ ♥

Thank you thank you thank you.
This is the sweetest, most articulate and ego boosting blog appreciation post ever. I am absolutely honored and stunned.
While my face is still pink from this exhaustive blushing session I must tell you that you're one of my blog crushes too. You have a sharp eye, keen wits and great taste.

I work on this little blog for my own sanity, amusement at work and creative stimulation. When I find amazing people like you via the internets it makes it all worth while.

Thank you again.

me melodia said...

Yes, my real name is Melody and I do live in Miami. I initially wanted to keep le identity and personal stuff aside. (you know incase some weirdo blog stalker comes around)
But, I have "met" so many wonderful, creative and inspiring bloggers out there who are becoming friends.

The Cottage Cheese said...

I heart Melody too! So happy to see such a smart and all-around cool chick featured!