Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bobbin Weave.

All of the lace popping up on the Paris runways made me curious as to how the sweet fabric is made. The results of that inquiry are beyond amazing. Here are some ladies making lace in various regions using the old-time method of bobbin weaving.

In Gallcia, Spain:

In Bruges:

Apparently (if you have magic hands and a supernatural attention to detail) you take these bobbins wrapped in thread and you twist them around straight pins stuck into a firm pillow until you have intricate patterns of pretty lace. I really hope there are a crop of young people learning this craft. It would be a shame to lose the hand-made process to the machine age. Actually, I'd love it if you'd do your part and learn how to make lace. Here, let Joe Michael Stoddard teach you how...

The world needs all kinds. All kinds! Especially when it comes to handicrafts.

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