Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I completed a life long goal to exchange an art project through the mail! The lovely, sweet, and utterly cute Madeline Rhodes and I did the matchbox stuffing project I'd reported on here earlier this month. The game was to find a matchbox and stuff it with as many mini treasures as we could find in two weeks. Then we stuck them in an envelope and sent them on their merry ways to each other. One stamp, about a week, and a lot of excited mailbox checking later...I got my goodies!

The goodies. They came with a note that read "Anna!! This is Fun! Open carefully (there may or may not be a sewing pin in there! XO"

Ms. Maddie did a great job stuffing. I could barely open my matchbox because it was so full of fabulous finds. There were some tiny, silk flowers, a few beads and charms including an utterly precious Buddha and a golden mermaid, a dime, a penny, some fake flower petals, a push pin, a coil of brown paper, and a glass ear of corn. Ah-maze-ing.

My treasures.

I hope Maddie enjoyed her box o' goods as much as I did mine. I highly recommend this to all of you. Get on it. Also Madeline Rhodes is a very talented blogger and jeweler. Be sure to check her out.

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Madeline said...

ok so when are we sending the next one?! xo