Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wrapper's Delight.

Alber Elbaz is a genius with the fabrics. He's been heralded by the press du mode as the only dressmaker currently in the dressmaking business (quite a compliment, or a low blow depending on whether or not your name is Alber).

His latest collection at the Spring shows in Paris was yet another showcase of his deft talents. With an embellished, decorated sophistication, Elbaz's looks are based on a simple technique taken to its extreme deployment.

Every designer learns the basic skill of draping, but few--if any others at all--take it to the upper limit that Lanvin's current captain does. In fact, he's distinguished his technique of draping as a subcategory, it's more of a wrapping. Pick up a fabric, grab a body, and begin twisting, encircling, and layering. Finish with the finest details known in fashion's universe of colors and textures, and voila! You have a dress that most manic fashion fans would mainline if they could.

For now though, they seem to be settling for the contact high of wearing them.

Photos from SHOWstudio.

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