Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fade In.

Trend alert. At the Porenza Schouler show a few of the models were given slight hints of haircolor. Their manes were tinted with washed out, faded colors. There were pale, ashy purples and rinses of green. It was a subtle punk, kind of like a sunwashed rebel; like punks bleached by the beach. And now, I'm spotting the subtle colors on the streets. More than a few cool girls are rocking the quiet shades. The look is a strange cross of grayish hair which looks old, and poppy colors which look young and edgy. Would you do this do? Would you?

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Michelle said...

I think the washed out purple looks gorgeous, not so much a fan of the green. I don't think I'd do anything like that just because I like my colors vibrant!

Blaire Walsh said...

I've seen washed out purple and blue on the street and loooved them.