Monday, October 05, 2009

Lo Blow.

Lindsay's makes her debut at Ungaro with the designer of the line, Estrella Archs.

Lindsanity arrived in Paris to a bellowed chorus of review boos. Her "designer" turn at the house of Ungaro reeled in such dead fish as "[It] quickly devolved into a bad joke of a fashion show," from, and SHOWstudio's glowing "It was unforgivable. On every possible level, this collection was a disaster...Emanuel Ungaro must wish he were dead, if only to have a grave to turn over in after seeing this travesty of a collection bearing his name." Wow, don't hold back guys, tell her what you really thought.

The reviewers all seemed to be most offended by the sight of heart-shaped pasties on a Paris runway, a shaming that I wholly endorse. I thought the glue on head hearts were even more obscene, and yes, the collection was tack-tastic in its tight, crotch-high, white denim with sparkly hearts, cheapo aesthetic, but I can't bring myself to beat the dead horse that is Lilo any further. She already gets booed wherever she goes by many demographics of people, and based on the video below, she is clearly the oldest 23 year old on the planet.

She got the pointy stiletto heel of a boot to the bum for this collection. But, in the end she's a tool. Some man in a suit (this time it was Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige) hired her to advise a multi-million dollar house with a storied, technically savvy, couture past. That makes no sense. They set her up to snag flashbulb press and media attention--maybe even to move some product. Yes, it was an awful collection, no arguing there, but shredding Lindsay yet another new one, again brings to mind a phrase involving a dead horse. We've done it. Done. Over. Move on. Dare I say I feel sorry for her? Just like Madonna's MJ speech tugged at my heartstrings, the realization that the girl has had no childhood, or at least one more in front of cameras than not, with crazy parents, and an obvious addiction problem does little to make me want to tear her up. I remember reading an article in Nylon magazine early on when Lindsay was the toast of fashion town, influencing every purchase on Robertson Boulevard and snagging praise from all the same media that's bashing her now. She was saying that fashion was a passion of hers, a calm source of creative fun, that it would be a dream to work in the business. There's another one for Lohan that's become a bad dream. It's sad really.

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