Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Alber Teaches Us Something.

There's fashion, and there is fashion design. Fashion exists in image only--stalk-the-streets-attitude, what's next now, give it to me, make me a star. But fashion design is in the cut, the cloth, the way a garment hugs the body. Alber Elbaz is a fashion designer of the highest order. His work is crafted and thought out and reality-based; even when it's bigger or bolder than you might wear, it's still something that someone might actually wear. However, the electricity conducted by even one of his well-cut dresses is enough to fuel the Lanvin resurrection and keep things exciting at the same time. What do women want? Here, let Alber give you his take on things:

Is he not the most huggable designer you've ever seen? I mean really.

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