Monday, March 08, 2010

Let's Hand Out Some Awards, Shall We?

The Award for Best Impersonation of Marisa Tomei goes to:

Sandra Bullock!

This was a tough category, but Sandy's reenactment of Marisa's win for My Cousin Vinnie had everyone demanding a recount. Well Done!

Best Mia Farrow Redeux:

Carey Mulligan you are too stunning. Your short haircut and long earrings made my night.

Best point about costumes in movies:

Sandy Powell, that quirky looking lady who won for costume design. Her speech included a shout out to all the hard working costume designers who don't do the period piece, scifi films but still labor over every detail of their characters' wares. Such a good point by such a crazy looking lady.

The Taylor Swift Sparkly Dress Award goes to:

Cameron Diaz. That red-haired, crazy lady should have Kanyed Cameron. That would have been full circle.

The You Made A Kick-Ass Movie and Got What You Deserved Award goes to:

Kathryn Bigelow.

I don't know who dressed you, or why you wore such an unflattering color, but man, you made a stunning filmic ode to suspense and you deserve the gold men. Nice job showing Cameron who's boss.

More Oscar coverage to follow! Hold on to your fancy dresses folks!

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