Monday, March 22, 2010

Thanks To My Fellow Fashion Nerds.

Ladies and Gentlereaders,

I just found out I've been admitted to my dream program for grad school. It is a Museum Studies MA program at F.I.T. that trains its candidates in fashion history, textile conservation, and exhibition design with the goal of setting them free into institutions like The Costume Institute At The Met. I'm beyond thrilled to have been accepted into this competitive program, and second to none I have to thank you all. I started my blog as a creative outlet for all of the fashion/culture/theory/art/pop stuff swirling between my ears. I thought this site would be an excellent way to spend more time on my creativity when I was stuck behind the desk of a pretty miserable 9-to-5. I knew I would be accountable for that goal because it was a public venue. What began as a readership of nine (all of whom I knew...very well) has blossomed into a supportive community of like-minded fashion nerds. I am so grateful to have a loyal audience, it feels amazing and your support as readers gave me the courage to put this blog front and center in my application. So, thank you. I promise that now that the knot of anxiety has left my gut, I'll be posting more and more and more. I love you. No, really--I do. Will you marry me? At least go steady?



laursn said...

congratulations Anna! I am so very happy for you. You're such an amazing person and I am so glad the universe is recognizing that! xoxo

ellastica said...

i really love what you do here. visually and mentally stimulating. a truly one of a kind blog.

congrats and best of luck!