Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ring, Ring.

I wanted to give it a minute to settle in to the universe's subconscious before I started singing it's praises, but damn! Bey and the Gaga made one brilliant video. At a near 10 minutes, the short film for the duo's Telephone is packed with visual punches that left me wanting to hit back just so I could get arrested and thrown in the slammer with all of those L-Word extras (shout-out Rahul). Gaga's demon is such a great kick in Beyonce's fairly conservative booty. It's so much fun to see this unlikely pair get all Thelma and Louise. The fashion high points in this vid definitely fall in the first act, where Gaga goes to jail in some serious couture, takes payphone calls in leather studded garb, and rocks ciggy goggles sure to get her whatever she wants on the inside.

Smokin' eye wear.

Gaga's leather studded kiss in the sand.

Rockin' not much more than hotness.

The fun only gets more fun as Bey bails Gaga and the two start offing people. It's sick and twisted and oh-so-clever. Even the product placement shots have their tongue shoved so far in their cheek that they are funnier than they are distracting.

You slather that Wonderbread in Miracle Whip, baby! It's all good. Better yet? Get all Wonder Woman and I'll love you forever.

Mighty fine job, Ga+Bey. Rah rah.
Ooh la la.
Roma. Ma Ma.

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