Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get Graphic.

National Geographic was my spongy, dorky mind's playground when I was a youngin'. Other than Liz Tilberis's Harpers Bazaar relaunch (What? It's all about fashion between these two ears), it was my favorite magazine to read cover-to-cover. Where else could one learn about the dolphins of the Yangtze River, poverty in Virgina, and Viennese cobblers all in one afternoon perusal? Nowhere, that's where. These days you can take a virtual tour thorugh villages, cities, cow country, and church with National Geographic as your guide. Click through the photo index on their site and stumble on great photos of the world's population, including great shots of just how they dress themselves.

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Prutha said...

loving these images!! my friend anuj kale lead me to your stuff!!

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