Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sculpt Me A Little Something To Wear.

Fashion as sculpture at Gareth Pugh.

Gareth Pugh is exceedingly talented. His draping skills verge on sculpting. He backs leather with neoprene and makes it stiff enough to structure. The folds of his garments flow onto the body or move away from it with a grace that keeps its hard edge. Really, it's quite an accomplishment.

Wearability; Sweet, sweet wearability.

But, the reason why Pugh is poised to last lay beyond his fashion-as-fine-art skills. The man who made Sasha Fierce's stage costumes as pret-a-porter day wear has upped his wearability ante quite a bit this season. There are the garments that you will need a lot of panache to put on, but then there are also those that will let you wear them without your stage persona confidence. Pugh is one of the few this season who has successfully straddled that line of sellable and impressive. His clothes may do well on a retail floor, but they are still designed to be interesting.

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